Healthcare Reform

This past weekend, the House of Representatives passed historic legislation that will change the way our country’s healthcare system operates. All of the media attention has left us with conflicting messages about the reform. For many, this legislation represents the answer to some of their greatest needs. For others, it brings fear and anger. There is no doubt that it is time for a number of components of the country’s current healthcare delivery system to be closely examined, and in some cases, overhauled. However, accomplishing these important changes while still maintaining stability for patients and employees will be a tremendous challenge.

It’s important to make sure that “the Greatest Generation”—the population that we have typically served—continues to receive the care that they have earned and deserve. At Miller’s, we will continue to be diligent to speak up for this great generation and to let our elected officials know that it must do their part in providing for them. Our goal as we engage in healthcare reform is to take a lesson from the ones we care for, and never forget what is most important and worth fighting for.

Thank you,

Patrick Boyle,

President & CEO

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